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Faim ~ Fin

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10dier from iPhone.

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Facebook vintage

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10dier from iPhone.

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Make-Up Agency logotype

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Make-Up Agency logotype

One of my talented friend asked me to create a logotype for her make-up agency.

This time it was a combination between font/type and graphics, with a strong black type and red lips to summarize the make-up activity.

The half of the photo represent make-up “pallets” with gradients using different tones of red colors.

Le Champ de Ruines • The Field of Ruins • 废墟的领域

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Demain c’est bientôt.

Nous aurons disparu, une autre espèce verra le jour.
Nous sommes si “efficaces” à essayer de nous entre-tuer, un jour nous y arriverons.
Quand nous ne nous tuons pas, nous détruisons la planète. La mère nourricière.

Oui, il n’y a pas de futur. C’était un conte de fée.

Que serons nous en 3013 ? Des cafards réchappés des guerres nucléaires ?
Des amibes en devenir ?
Qui sait.

En attendant, nous cultivons dans les champs.

Mais ce sont des champs de ruines.

Tomorrow is soon.

We will have disappeared, another species will be born.
We are so “effective” to try to kill each of us, one day we will succeed I bet.
When we don’t kill each of us, we destroy the planet. The feeder mother.

Yes, there is no future. That was a fairy tale.

What will be “us” in 3013?
Cockroaches escaped from the nuclear wars?
Amoebas in becoming?
Who knows.

While waiting, we cultivate in the fields.

But they are fields of ruins.


当我们不杀害其中每一我们时,我们毁坏这个行星。 饲养者母亲。

是,没有未来。 那是一个童话。

什么将是 “我们” 在 3013 ?





私達が私達のそれぞれを殺さないとき、私達は惑星を破壊します。 送り装置の母。

はい、未来がありません。 それはおとぎ話でした。





Το αύριο είναι σύντομα.
Θα έχουμε εξαφανιστεί, ένα άλλο είδος θα γεννηθεί.
Είμαστε έτσι «αποτελεσματικοί» να προσπαθήσουμε να σκοτώσουμε κάθε μια από μας, μια ημέρα που θα πετύχουμε το στοίχημα Ι.
Όταν δεν σκοτώνουμε κάθε ενός από μας, καταστρέφουμε τον πλανήτη. Η μητέρα τροφοδοτών.

Ναι, δεν υπάρχει κανένα μέλλον. Αυτό ήταν ένα παραμύθι.

Τι θα είμαστε «» σε 3013;
Κατσαρίδες που δραπετεύουν από τους πυρηνικούς πόλεμους;
Amoebas να γίνει;
Το cWho ξέρει.

Περιμένοντας, καλλιεργούμε στους τομείς.

Αλλά είναι τομείς των καταστροφών.


내일은 빨리 입니다.
우리는, 다른 종 품어질 것입니다 사라질 것입니다.
우리는 입니다 그래서 저희의 각각을 죽이는 것을 시도하게 “”, 우리가 나를 계승할 1 일은 내기했습니다.
우리가 저희의 각각을 죽이지 않을 때, 우리는 행성을 파괴합니다. 지류 어머니.

그렇습니다, 아무 미래도 없습니다. 그것은 동화이었습니다.

3013에서 “저희는” 무엇 일 것입니까?
핵 전쟁에서 도주되는 바퀴벌레?
되기에 있는 아메바?
누구가 알고 있는지.

기다리고 있는 동안, 우리는 분야에서 경작합니다.

그러나 그들은 파멸의 분야입니다.



La mañana está pronto.
Habremos desaparecido, otra especie naceremos.
Somos así que “eficaz” intentar matar a cada uno de nosotros, un día que me tendremos éxito apostó.
Cuando no matamos a cada uno de nosotros, destruimos el planeta. La madre del alimentador.

Sí, no hay futuro. Eso era un cuento de hadas.

¿Cuál será “nosotros” en 3013?
¿Cucarachas escapadas de las guerras nucleares?
¿Amebas en convertirse?
Quién sabe.

Mientras que esperan, cultivamos en los campos.

Pero son campos de ruinas.

I morgon.

Morgondagen är snart.
Vi ska har försvunnit, en annan ska art är födda.
Vi är, så ”det effektiva” försök att döda varje av oss, en dag ska vi lyckas mig slå vad.
När vi inte dödar varje av oss, förstör vi planet. Förlagemataren fostrar.

Ja finns det någon framtid. Det var en saga.

Ska vad är ”oss” i 3013?
Kackerlackor som flys från det kärn-, kriger?
Amoebas i passande?
Vem vet.

Stunder som väntar, odlar vi i sätter in.

Men de är sätter in av fördärvar.

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The Zoho Notebook

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What a Tool!

ZOHO Notebook is definitely a good idea to share your contents on the web. It’s almost a website building service if you know how to manage all your stuff and a bit of knowledge (Embedded codes, Url, Rss links etc.).

You can build how many Notebooks you want. Showing your portfolio as a designer and be able to share it with collaborators or contacts is a great possibility for example, working on the same document is another one; well, it depends really on your ability to find ideas that suits your needs. But the tools are there. Waiting for your imagination…

ZOHO Notebook (Click to see it LARGE)

Check one of mine:

Didier LAHELY • Creative Director • Graphics – Zoho Notebook.


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I am crazy. Mad. About iPhone. And I shoot almost 10 pictures everyday with it. For some ideas, textures, graphics design I will use after, it’s basically my Trends Books…; ) Then I transform the pictures, I remix them with one of my 100 photo Apps… : )

It’s about Art.

iPhonArt precisely. The tool: your iPhone; What to do: Art… Create, recreate, unusual shots, think Gallery, think Museum, do your piece of art could be there?

It has to be created with the iPhone, then… Sometimes magic happens. With a little help from the Apps… • SATROMIZER • ADDLIB • PIXEL • Buro Destruct • Art Remix • Toonpaint • Etc, etc…

ReMeMbeR: Creativity is NoT about the Tool… ; )

See them comfortably in my FLICKR account : (And Be a Member)
• On Friendfeed: – (and Post yours too)

[slideshow id=6]


• Buro Destruct
• Art Remix
• Toonpaint
• Animotos Videos
• 1:2-tone
• QuadCamera
• TiltShift generator
• iArt Mosaic
• myFilm SLR-like
• BeFunky FX
• LensFlare
• EffectsLab
• Format126
• Polarize
• Camera Genius
• MiniDraw
• Spica – Super Monochrome
• Chromocam dots
• Absolute vintage
• BlurFX
• eScrap App
• Fotomecha
• Pro HDR
• iMotion
• Fisheye
• Mon Collage
• Simple Frame
• Action 16
• PhotoTropedelic
• ArtCamera
• Focusoid
• FX PhotoStudio
• Vintage Video Maker
• ClassicTOY
• ClassicSAMP
• CameraBag
• MoreMono
• Cross Process
• Diptic
• Plastiq Camera
• Color Splash
• Iris Photo Suite
• Irodori
• Pic Grunger
• Andigraf
• Hipstamatic
• Swankolab
• Little Planet
• Photo fx
• Cool fx
• BlendCamP
• AsciiMe
• Lofi
• RetroCamera
• ClassicPan
• Montage
• FotoMuse

•••ETC… ; ))

HongKong Spin • Artistic Direction, Recommandation

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Few times ago I helped my friend Nigel, architect, to brand his project about the HK Spin.
That project included the realization  of the Logotype, the artistic direction of the Press Kit Brochure and the little Website.

[slideshow id=5]

(Best to see in Full Screen, “escape” to come back)

Photo Sharing and File Hosting at

Summer 2010, Arcachon (Near Bordeaux), France.

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Arcachon (Arcaishon in Occitan) is a commune in the Gironde department in south-western France. It is a popular bathing location on the Atlantic coast 55 kilometres (34 mi) southwest of Bordeaux in the Landes forest. It has a fine beach, and a mild climate said to be favourable for invalids suffering from pulmonary complaints.


Arcachon is known for the “Arcachonnaise”, the local name for an Arcachon villa, which is the architectural style of many of the older houses built there. It is a type of Victorian architecture, and was criticized for generations, but is now considered to be charming and deeply human.

The town of Arcachon is only 150 years old. Not long before 2 May 1857, when Emperor Napoleon III signed its official “birth certificate”, it was just a forest of pine trees, oaks and strawberry trees (arbutus), with no road links, and home – mostly when the weather was expected to be warm, and more in wood huts than in real houses – to fewer than 400 people, mostly fishermen and peasants. In earlier years, when some hygienists began to recommend sea bathing, three sea establishments were laid out by some entrepreneurs especially for the Bordeaux bourgeoisie and other wealthy people. This was the beginning of a new lifestyle, and some of the locals got the opportunity to claim their independence from La Teste-de-Buch, which owned their properties, in order to found a “free” new town, Arcachon.

At its southern entrance from the Atlantic ocean, Arcachon Bay is crowned by Europe’s largest sand dune, the Dune de Pyla (or du Pilat), nearly 3 kilometres long, 500 metres wide, reaching 107 metres in height, and moving inland at rate of 5 metres a year.

The area is served by Bordeaux Merignac Airport and the TGV Atlantique.

Google Maps:

Agrandir le plan

cyan magenta yellow black

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cyan magenta yellow black-10dier, originally uploaded by 10dier.


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Animoto – My Moleskine

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You can Buy my Tees!

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You can Buy my Art!

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Summer 2010 started : )

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