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December 17th, 2010 No comments


Vous connaissez… ? Ah, j’oubliais un détail, vous ne connaissez Instagram que si vous avez un iPhone. iPhone 4 de préférence.

Cette petite application fait un malheur en ce moment, avec des milliers d’inscrits de par le monde. C’est tout simplement un “outil” de partage de vos photos prises sur l’iPhone.
Juste avant de poster votre meilleure œuvre, vous pouvez la remixer avec des filtres d’effets. … Et attendre les commentaires de vos meilleurs 3 500 amis… : )

Et une communauté de plus!

Mon pseudo sur Instagram : 10dier

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Photos of my Work in 2000-2002

June 4th, 2010 No comments

Last time I found some brochures of my work 10 years before! Amazing. I know a lot of designers and also HR people will “recommend” to show always the latest works… Well they don’t know What is design…

Design is alive. And when it’s on the web, it’s double alive! It has his own “life”, and will grow without you, everywhere, anywhere; people will copy it, transform it, keep it for reference, use it. Design is alive and it’s good. Good to keep a trace of what you have done too. Because there is always a before and an after, it’s (at least for me) always interesting to see evolution of trends. It’s culture, design culture. 10 years before in France color trends was this kind of Orange, almost fluorescent one. People was also using a lot Pantone metallic ink. That’s very funny. And funnier is to see how all this design is a kind of outdated. So what is the recipe of eternal design then? What made the success of Gutenberg in 1455…? What about the Bauhaus?
Well, I don’t have all the answers… But one idea is that simplicity is one of the key… Minimalistic design. It’s like cars in a movie, you can guess easily which time a movie has been shoot in looking for the cars in it; more difficult if you DON’T have any car right? Same for design… If you want your design to be kind of “famousForEver”, use a minimum of elements. “Intemporel“. No flashy colors, no fancy fonts! Use Helvetica Neue, (love it) or Swiss 721 Thin font, forget Comic Sans.

I will try to follow this advice… ; )

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