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April 29th, 2009 2 comments

J’ai créé un groupe sur Linkedin qui a pour but de rassembler la diaspora française présente sur l’ile de Hong Kong.

Je vous encourage vivement à venir nous rejoindre et à participer, donner votre point de vue sur l’expatriation et toute cette sorte de chose…

Created: September 23, 2008 | Other | Members: 80

French people in Hong Kong this hub is for you! Here we can LINK, we can SHARE, we can ASK, we can TALK, we can CHAT, we can PROVIDE support, we can ADVISE everything about Hong Kong. This hub is for the French are already there, the ones who want to come, the ones lived here… To help the other ones in their asking. To be very welcomed in this group I will ask you to describe in few lines why you want to subscribe and what you are looking for, it will help others to start a discussion… Thanks a lot to follow this “guideline”. Voila !
Ici : (

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