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Best iPhone apps for a creative designer?

January 12th, 2009 Comments off

First of all, I’d like to take some precautions here…

Generally I don’t like the “Best of” anything on the web because it’s never accurate to me. What is great for an accountant may not be suitable for a designer, and vice versa. This is why I will try to create a “Best of” for people like me, designers, geeks, creative. We should share some interests… That is the first point.

Then, you have to understand that is MY point of view, MY best of to me myself and I. I just share what I like here. You may think this app is crap and/or doesn’t work on your iPhone; I’m not an IT person; ask to the developer who did it, I can’t help you. Sorry.

Then there is the date. Important the date; there maybe an upgrade for the app I’m talking about in 2 days and I don’t know it yet, should I be insulted and beaten to death for that? Well, maybe : (

To sum up, let’s say that you are here reading this article because you LOVE the iPhone.

See? There is already something we share

DISCOVER is an app. to share your files between your iPhone and your Mac.

First I bought AIRSHARING, thinking that if you have to pay for it, it must be because it’s good. I was wrong; and someone in Friendfeed told me so. Thanks a lot guy! I have to tell you that I’m a total newbie; just download and install and it has to work, that is my goal.

AIRSHARING was, in that way a bit complicated to me, this IP thing you have to search, blah blah, boring.

With DISCOVER, you start the application, and you see all your iPhone files instantly in your browser: magic. Then you just have to drag and drop! That is perfect for me!

Go and get it.

Now, a little part on the GTD things, because you just have to Get your Things Done buddies! As you are certainly a big manager with dozen of tasks per hour, these apps will help you to organize them, in a nifty way.

This one is quite “original” if you speak Texan (I’m jokiiing!), well it’s in English, so the poor French like me must choose the right “accent” before using it. I guess you won’t have this problem.

So, REQALL is a nice GTD app as you guessed, you just have to speak and say your tasks and it will be translated and transformed into text with the right date and all! Wow. This is good voice recognition here.

That’s it. For example, you are in your Jaguar and you forgot to tell to your mistress to wear this… Ok. I’m done here. Find your own tasks.

Evernote is a FANTASTIC tool I’m using for everything, it is connected with my desktop application so you just have to Sync and you will have the same documents on your iPhone, your Mac desktop and on the net. Very beautiful end useful.

This is why I couldn’t choose between all these apps for my tasks, they are all so good now!

THINGS is also incredible but I must say I have a problem with it, it doesn’t work on my Mac. Don’t know why. It is perfect on my iPhone anyway and it does the job very well. Question of taste!

Same here with this hit, RTM can be used for everything and it’s totally compatible with your iCal or/and Google.

Well, I really like Toodledo too!! Basically it can do everything too(dledo?), again you will decide which one is right for you.

  • iTalk
  • Dev:
  • – FREE
  • – 3,99 € (Premium)

Now, let’s be serious. Noise and Beatmaker (see below) are the best apps I ever seen on the iPhone (for now on), I’m totally addicted.

I would say most stunning design, technically perfect, very joyful and amazing possibilities. + you can show off in front of your friends that only have Free Piano. Then when you will connect the iPhone to your 1500W speakers your neighbors will be very happy to share ideas on music with you.

But careful, you have to be a bit “musician” to understand all the possibilities you have here, otherwise you may be a bit lost at the beginning with the choice offer…

Ok, maybe you won’t be Timbaland tomorrow. But who knows? In case I give you the idea to buy Beatmaker and you become famous, don’t forget to pay me back (at least 48% of your total revenue). It can happen with this app because it has all you need to create the future worldwide hit. And it’s this kind of app that if you are bored, you can always return to it and enjoy to create a new… Hit. (let’s pretending).

The maximum of pleasure come when you connect your iPhone (again??) to your Mac in using GarageBand… Infinite possibilities, the Ali-Baba cave.

For now, I really think Beatmaker and are the best music/game app on iPhone. All this technology in so tiny space! Congrats to the Dev. people…

Linkedin, because it seems to be THE social web service now to create contacts, try to find a new job (to have a salary to pay your iPhone apps) etc.

One of my favourite mini-blog web service on the net, so I found it very useful on the iPhone to blog even in my toilets.

Yes, there are 2 versions and I “prefer” the free version ; ) It’s enough for me to have a little fun with it.

Well, that’s it folks, hope you liked it, don’t forget it’s just a selection, in case you didn’t know these ones, but of course everyday plenty of new apps are coming on iTunes Store and I didn’t mention about all the online apps like Facebook, Friendfeed etc. because you may already know about it…

I really enjoy Music and Photo apps so if you know some new stunning apps, feel free to add it in comment!


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