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Playmobil Interview…! Second degré.

June 1st, 2010 No comments

Ok. Now you will have an idea what French call the “Second degré“…

Made this crazy video, made the music and “lyrics”, part with my iPhone and also the Mac (of course).

What is the idea?
Errr… Well, let’s say the non-communication between creative candidates and the world of HR. I think, sometimes, they are on different planets each of them. Like Aliens.

Who are you? Graphic designer? Creative director? Artistic director? What does this mean? What is your job exactly? What do You Want??

My Motion Graphics

April 25th, 2009 No comments

Birth is a freelancing entity created by Didier LAHELY, a French branding creative director with 12 years of experience.

Why “Birth”? Because each new project is totally new, and must be re-invented; for each project we have to forget all the rules about design and communications and learn again; make a new territory fully inventive. Yes, each new project is a new baby with its own characteristics and personality when the others are just applying the “copy paste” methods… Being French, having this European culture and living in Hong Kong offer me a creativity based on these two cultures.

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