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The Eye of Fate.

The Eye of Fate., originally uploaded by 10dier.

The Eye of Fate.

From the original sculpure of Anish Kapoor, I made some graphics using it, illustrating this Eye looking at you… It’s the Eye of Fate. Sometimes you call it so hard, sometimes you pray for him to don’t pay attention to you.

This is what happened when I died last year.

I was dead for 2 minutes and 35 sec while I was in hospital. Everything stopped; heart, brain, all. Switched off.

I was… Somewhere… Somewhere with consciences still, knowing what was happening around me, seeing people but couldn’t speak or anything.

Then I saw that the Eye was looking at me. This Eye gave me images for me to see, it was my life accelerated 1 000 times.
While I was decided to let me go.

But then, on one of these images I saw You. Yes, I saw You.

And I “decided” to come back.

Few months after I remember the Eye of Fate….

And I keep smiling, smiling, smiling…

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